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3 Signs That You Need a Roof Repair

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Roofing Content | 0 comments

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It is imperative that you keep an eye on your roof, especially after a heavy storm. Records of any home improvement or roof repairs that have been performed in the past will help give insight into how much life your roof has left. If you are unsure of the condition of your roof, you will need to get a professional contractor to come out and look at your roof. Here are some common signs that you should keep an eye out for to know if you need a roof repair.

Check Your Shingles

Shingles should always lay flat against the roof. Shingles serve as the protective layer over your roof; once they become damaged, they can no longer serve their purpose leaving the interior of your home exposed to outside elements. Fortunately, you can check for signs of shingle damage by looking at the roof from the ground. If you see any spaces between the shingles, that likely means that those shingles are cracked. If you see any sort of discoloration or vegetative growth on the shingles, it could mean that moisture is trapped underneath the surface. Another way to safely check for any shingle damage is to grab a ladder and investigate your gutter system. When shingles start to deteriorate, the granules that they are comprised of begin to fall off. After a good rain, those granules will be swept down the roof and into the gutters. If you see a heavy presence of shingle granules in the gutter system, it is time to get those damaged shingles replaced. If you check for signs of shingle damage frequently, you are more likely to catch a problem in the early stages which ultimately saves you a lot of time and money.

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Inspect Your Attic

Go ahead and take a flashlight and inspect the ceilings and walls of your attic. Make sure to keep an eye out for any brown stains, mold, or warped beams. If you spot any one of these things, it is a sign that there is excess moisture in your attic. Need help locating the source? Not a problem. Start in the area where you see signs of damage and look along the bottom of the roof deck for any wet patches. Just because a brown stain is in one area, it does not mean that the water entry is coming from that location. Water will follow the path of least resistance and can travel long distances after leaking into your roof. If the underside of your roof is covered in insulation, look for any deterioration that might indicate the source of the leak. If there is more damage on one section than the other, carefully remove the surrounding areas of insulation to follow the path of water and find its entry point. In most instances, it only takes a modest roof repair to fix the leak. Make sure to give a professional a call so they can give you expert advice on steps moving forward.

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Look at Your Vent Pipe Boots

You might be asking yourself, “what are vent pipe boots?”. Vent pipe boots are the flashing material that surrounds the base of your exhaust pipes that are located on the top of your roof. They serve as a barrier over the seam where the roof meets the pipe. The average life span of a vent pipe boot is typically 5 to 7 years. Due to prolonged exposure to the sun and extreme weather conditions, the flashing material eventually deteriorates. Once the vent pipe boots begin to reach the end of their service life, there is nothing preventing debris or water from entering the space that was once covered. If you are not comfortable with getting on your roof, pull out a pair of binoculars and look for any tears or cracks on the vent pipe boot. Some other things to look for to determine if you need a repair or replacement include damaged shingles around the roof’s exhaust pipes, peeling paint or wallpaper in the bathrooms and kitchen, watermarks on the ceiling, and moisture in your attic. Replacing and repairing vent pipe boots is an easy, quick, and affordable process that is necessary for protecting your home.

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The most effective way to keep an eye on your roof system is to get annual roof inspections. WeatherTite Roofing will assess the entirety of your roof, and give you a comprehensive report on things like the service life of your roof, any issues or damages noted, and solutions to any problems that are observed. If you notice any of these three signs, go ahead and give WeatherTite Roofing a call at 704-997-6112.